Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Healing Waters

I just returned from a short vacation in the deep South of India. Agasthiya Malai is a protected forest which is the home of tigers. The picture shows the gate at the entrance of the bio-diversity hot spot.
The picture above is that of the big waterfalls at Courtallam. The streams in this region flow through the thick forests of the Western Ghats before they cascade down to the lowlands. The waters of these falls are believed to have medicinal properties , since they flow among so many rare medicinal herbs. People stand under the cascading water and enjoy the falling water pounding their backs.Fortunately for us, these places were not crowded as it was overcast.

This is the Banateertham Falls. Although this falls also is credited with healing powers, it is not crowded, as one has to travel a long distance in the wild, tiger country before you get to there.

The Kariyar lake was shrouded in mist when we went there, making it seem mysterious. We went for a boat ride round the lake , which is bordered with thick forests of the Agasthya Malai, a bio-diversity hot spot. The forest guard's dog followed our boat for miles on land, barking all the while. Our boatman said that the tigers catch the dogs now as the deer have become less in the forest. All our entreaties to the dog to go back home were not heeded. I hope he got home safely.

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  1. What a wonderful place! Very healing...

  2. Beautiful entrance gate to the tiger country. Also, loved the story of the foolish but determined dog! What was it trying to tell you, I wonder.

  3. Do you feel recharged after your vacation at such a beautiful place? It is a beautiful place.

  4. What a delightful, gorgeous place for a retreat/visit! Love the waterfalls! I hope the dog got home safely, too! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Good to see you back on the blog! Enjoy the rest of your week!


  5. What a beautiful place. Great shot of the waterfall. Looks like perfect place to relax.

  6. Did you see any tigers? I can't imagine standing under that second forceful falls!

  7. Rambling Round, welcome to my blog.
    Ladyfi, welcome. Yes it is very healing.
    Indrani, the place is very beautiful.
    Shailaja, the tiger on the entrance gate is fashioned after the art of the forest people.I liked it too.
    One, yes, I am feeling vitalized after my trip. The beauty of the place and the massage you get naturally when you stand under the waterfalls invigorates you.
    Sylvia, thank you.
    Carver, yes, it is a beautiful place.
    Costas, thanks.
    Barb, we did not see any tigers or any other animals. But we saw plenty of butterflies.I stood under the second falls for a while and got chilled!