Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mother Earth

Mother, I thank thee for thy life-giving waters
the nurturing fruit

and the cool winds of thy mountains

Mother Earth, who art dark with verdant forests
I bow to thee!

This song was written in Sanskrit by Bankimchandra Chatterjee. It is sung by children in schools. Although it was originally written about Mother India, it applies to Mother Earth too.
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  1. Beautiful words and photos and a marvelous post for the day! Hope you have a lovely evening!


  2. I really enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing.

  3. beautiful lyrics of a song...perfect for all nature's bounties.

    the waterfall shot is amazing.

  4. So beautiful - both the song and your wonderful photos.

  5. Bautiful song with warm photos! Is that your papaya tree? It looks so lush and full of fruits!

  6. Those words are indeed special. So are your photographs. The last photo is so much like the north east. A bounteous crop of tomatoes and papayas. Are they from your garden?

  7. Sylvia, as usual you are the first with encouraging words. Thank you!
    Katie, welcome, and thanks.
    Luna Miranda and Missy, yes, the song is very inspiring.
    Malar, that is my friend's papaya tree. Mine is still small.
    Kanak, thank you. The tomatoes are from my garden. The forest is in the Western Ghats.

  8. Beautiful photos, though I'm especially drawn to the yummy papaya. Maybe someday I'll be successful in growing that long enough for fruit in my un-tropical climate!