Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wild Wednesday

I had gone to a tiger reserve forest with my friends last week.We did not come across any animals in the tiger country, but there were hoardes of butterflies. The yellow -and-black Southern Birdwing is the largest butterfly in India with a wingspan of 8 inches. One of these butterflies followed our boat when we crossed the lake Kariyar.
Although we did not sight any tiger, the Blue Tiger butterflies seemed to like my friend Sudha.

A mushroom on the forest floor.

This banded insect turns itself into a ball when your foot touches it.

The first view of the beautiful Banateertham falls .


  1. Looks and sounds like a great get away! Love the beautiful butterflies and the waterfall! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  2. That waterfall is beautiful! Wish I could see it in real. Btw,... not the tigers he he...

  3. That's a curious insect and the butterfly, so colourful! Recently, our home was visited by the Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) said to be the world’s largest moth.

  4. Love to see more pics of the falls...looks stunning.The banded insect is pretty cool.

  5. What pretty butterflies! We probably won't see them around here for a very long time now. The insect you show reminds me of what we call pillbugs around here, they do the same thing when touched.

  6. Beautiful waterfall! you had a bath in it?
    8 inch? that's big butterfly!

  7. The waterfall is a superb view...

    Thank you.

  8. Sylvia, thanks.
    Stephanie, I saw the blue tiger. He..he..!
    Ash, thanks for your visit.
    Shailaja, I hope you took pictures of the Atlas moth.
    Patsi, the falls was very beautiful. My photo doesn't do it justice.
    Catherine, it is only when I see posts from the northern countries that I know that it is autumn now. We don't have well marked seasons.
    Malar, the bath was lovely.
    Ruma, thanks for your visit. I thought of your pictures when I saw rice fields.

  9. Those are lovely photos Lotusleaf. I haven't seen that Southern birdwing in person, our nearest counterpart to that here is the Troides magellanus, but maybe smaller. Which province is Banatheertham Falls located? How far is it from the nearest airport, is it easy to go there. If Betsy of Tenesee will see this, she would love to go there too!

  10. Oh I wish I could see the Birdwing more often! Lovely photos!That waterfall is beautiful!