Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Palace gardens

The gardens of Tipu Sultan's palace in Bangalore are mainly well kept lawns and ornamental palms.
Neat hedges of the golden duranta border the lawns. The white Muessanda is always in bloom.

This historic temple adjoining the palace was also built during the reign of Tipu Sultan.
These two places are an island of serenity in the chaotic traffic of City Market area of Bangalore.
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  1. Such a gorgeous place and you can almost feel the sense of peace through your photos -- which are superb as always! Hope you have a lovely day! Enjoy!


  2. Yes it really is a great place. Nice shots. :)

  3. Very pretty; I love the first picture.

  4. Lotusleaf ...You are very fortunate to be surrounded by such beauty and history. Thank you for sharing.

  5. You have such wonderful architecture and gardens in your part of the world. We have nothing like it here.

  6. The gardens are beautifully kept. I like the architecture too.

  7. The hedge is so neat! Love this garden a lot. And the white musseanda is gorgeous :-D

    Enjoy your day and have a fruitful one.

  8. The dark colored wood of the palace is attractive.

  9. This place looks grand. White mussaendas are special and they do bloom over and over again.

  10. So neat and well kept. A beautiful place to stroll or just sit awhile.

  11. Sylvia, thanks.
    Indrani, it is a place of history.
    College Gardener, the dark mahogany panelling makes the inside so dark.
    Helen, thanks for your nice words.
    Missy, the gardens in Australia are fabulous.
    Blossom flower girl, welcome to my blog.Thanks for taking time to comment.
    Stephanie, the gardeners of public places here seem to be very fond of the golden duranta as a hedge plant.
    Joyful, welcome and thanks for your comment.
    Autumn Belle, yes white mussaendas bloom throughout the year.That is why the gardeners of public places love them so.

  12. aloha,

    what a wonderful show you've given us today.

    love this tour of this tranquil palace, thanks for sharing this beautiful place

  13. Beautiful place and very well kept garden.

  14. He must be. I have seen one before.. it's beautiful. I know :-D