Monday, June 21, 2010

The Colour Purple

Purple is the colour of royalty. Some of the flowers bloomin in the gardens around here are royal! Ruellias are blooming in all sorts of corners and crevices where they have self seeded.
These flowers are not strictly purple, but they have a purplish tinge.They have started blooming now.

The plant is called Zimbabwe Creeper, and it flowers profusely in this climate. Twice a year. Its botanical name is Podranea brycei.

The Resurrection Lily has come to life again . Its mauve flowers look startling in between the dark leaves.

The Garlic Vine Cydista aequinoctialis is blooming profusely on a neighbourhood gate.
Have a nice week ahead!


  1. The resurrection lily is such a strang name for a flower so small, the first time I've heard the name.

    Beautiful garden.

  2. Beautiful flowers again.

  3. Anil, thanks for visiting and commenting.

  4. Your flowering plants are so pretty! How i envy you! ;-))

  5. The purple blooms are so pretty! Spectacular foliage of the Ressurection lily. And the Zimbawe Creeper (not seen one around here) is something I'd love to plant.