Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today's Flowers #98

The pink Justicia has started blooming again. It puts out its odd shaped flowers intermittetly throughout the year.
Crinum lily blooms have a long stem. They bloom during the monsoons.This is a different lily from the short stemmed Milk -and-Honey Lily which flowers constantly.

This Heliconium is upright. The flowers look like some sort of ancient weapons, but they are constantly being attacked by the squirrels.

The Pyramid Bilbergia is flowering in hidden corners of my garden. The flowers are the favourite food of snails :(

The Garlic Vine Cydista aequinoctialis has started flowering on my north side fence.
The funny thing about these flowers is that they have a pleasant scent as long as you don't touch them. But, if a leaf is rubbed, it sends out a strong smell of garlic! The plant has medicinal value, besides keeping out some of the garden pests!
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  1. Wonderful flowers! I have never seen the garlic vine before - it looks really beautiful.

  2. Absolutely breathtaking flowers, colors! And your photographs are superb! Hope you're having a great weekend!


  3. Allways love your beautiful flowers.

  4. The Garlic Vine seems to be a great vine to grow. Not only is it beautiful, but also useful.

  5. I have just grown a batch of Justicia and they are flowering in the middle of winter

  6. Another series of the most beautiful blooms. That Justicia is special!

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Have a wonderful evening!

  7. Hi College Gardener! The garlic vine flowers abundantly when it gets enough sunshine.
    Thanks, Sylvia. Hope you have a fine Sunday.
    Costas, but I can't photograph the birds which visit me!
    Katarina, yes, the garlic vine is a good vine to have in the garden, provided one doesn't mind the occasional strong smell of garlic pervading the whole place!
    Ian, you seem to have magical fingers!
    Kanak, thank you.

  8. The flowers are look so beautiful! Its' really interesting to know about your Garlic Vine Cydista aequinoctialis!

  9. Lovely pictures. And nice description too.

  10. I had planted it around a year back...Just a few days back it had the flowers when i had to leave home for bhubaneshwar...Now i am back home, but flowers now