Friday, June 18, 2010

Skywatch Friday- Monsoons' Respite

The grey monsoon clouds bring cheer to the people.
Sometimes, a respite from the rains also brings cheer!
Thanks for the Skywatch team for hosting the meme.


  1. It's all grey here the look/feel of imminent rain.

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. It looks exactly the same here today! Gray! Chilly! Gloomy! Lovely captures! Hope you have a great weekend and maybe some sun???? Enjoy!


  3. I wished it was like that here today when I was mowing the grass. I would have spent the whole day outdoors. I took many breaks. Lovely clouds!

  4. Oh, that's a bit cloudy. I hope the rain is not going be too heavy.

  5. Nice shots. Thankfully we're now getting a respite from those dark gloomy skies ... the winter skies here are bright and cheery.

  6. Yes, rain is good sometimes, definitely when it's a relief from drought. :)

  7. Kanak, I think we all love the rainy season in India.
    Sylvia, hope it has cleared by now and you have some sun!
    Islandgal, I too look forward to overcast days, when I can do some work in the garden without sweating:)
    Stephanie, the rain fell somewhere else finally!
    J.Bar, thanks for your visit.
    Bernie, it has cleared now, but I do hope it will rain soon.
    Costas, thank you.
    EG Wow, rain is always welcome in India which is hot most of the year.Thanks for visiting my blog.