Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Panther! It is a word that strikes fear in the heart of an ordinary city dweller. Panthera is the word used for the Leopard and the Tiger. But the butterfly shown above is the Common Panther found in the areas adjoining the Borivili National Park near Mumbai.
This is one of the orchids in Panther colours.

The Wild Jasmine was in full bloom, sending its subtle scent in the gloom. You can see the wild areas where the Panthera roam. Sometimes the leopards roam into the campus of the adjoining university.

A leopard cage ! I came across it as I was taking a walk in the wilder areas of the campus. The cage has two compartments. Whenever a leopard is sighted in the campus, this contraption is used to catch it. The bait is usually a stray dog . The leopard gets into the cage lured by the smell of the bait, and the trap door closes, and the panther is imprisoned. It can't eat the bait, which is safe behind iron bars! The forest rangers then take the leopard and release it in the jungles miles away.


  1. That panther cage is cool! The leaves camourflage well with the surroundings. Luckily the dog is in another section ;-D

    Btw, that's a beautiful butterfly. Good and nice shot. Love the wings.

    Happy 'wild' Wednesday!

  2. Leopard in the Campus? That's scary!
    Smart way to trap leopard!

  3. Stephanie, the cage is quite strong too, but I felt a little uneasy while walking by it!
    Malar, Leopards have started straying into campuses and villages, as their habitat is being encroached upon by humans.

  4. Wildlife on campus? I know that students go to university and have a good time whilst there. But leopards and panthers? Wow what an experience!

  5. Islandgal, the campuses adjoining the tiger reserves and national parks sometimes have feline visitors! Must be thrilling for the students!

  6. That is amazing, the thought of a leopard on campus -- I'd just be excited to be able to see one! I'm sure it is thrilling for the students! Love the butterfly and your photos are delightful! Have a lovely day! Thanks as always for your visits and comments, always appreciated and enjoyed!


  7. Yes.
    It is very pretty Panther...

    Thank you.

  8. Wow! A leopard on campus...not quite the same as a butterfly, now is it?! I can't help but feel for the poor stray dog, even though safe behind bars...what a nightmare, although necessary, I understand. The poor leopards have no where to go, but...! The cage IS pretty impressive! I might feel very uneasy walking by it as well! Be careful!!!!

  9. I probably live on the campus that you mention :-) . Yes we have lots of leopard stories, and occasional notices are posted in certain areas. And at one time leopards were actually caught in these traps, and all the children from the campus rushed there to see. The leopards were then handed over to the Forest rangers who took them back to he National Park...

    We have some great stories from older days when leopards moved around campus with lesser inhibition.

    Great photos here. Really enjoyed them!