Friday, June 25, 2010

Skywatch Friday

A Bird's eye view. This Kite is watching the receding monsoon clouds from its perch.
The flower view. The huge golden flowers of the Golden Chalice vine have started appearing. The monsoons have not brought enough rain, and the clouds have become lighter.

The monsoon clouds are going towards the distant hills.
"May the waters from the snowy mountains bring health and peace to all people.
May the spring water bring calm to you, and may the rains be a source of tranquility to all"
- Atharva Veda 500B.C.
Thanks to the Skywatch team for hosting .


  1. Beautiful skies, lovely flowers, wonderful words! Doesn't get any better! A marvelous post as always! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Great capture and sighting of the Kite. I love the last shot of the mountains. And the vine and flower is gorgeous! Happy skywatching!

  3. You live in such an enchanting place! Chalice vine is one of my favorite flowers. How gorgeous!

  4. Very beautiful. Love the spiky leaves of the palms with the kite comfortably fitting in. The golden chalice is such an distinctly, tropical flower within its lushness and the landscape looks magic.

  5. The flower has artistic color and form.

    Always thank you for beautiful photography.

  6. Sylvia, the clouds seem to be receding, without giving us enough water:(
    J.Bar and Regina, thank you .
    Eileen, the bird sat very quietly for a long time. It was probably watching a prey.
    Kyna, thank you.
    Floridagirl, the Chalice vine is just beginning its floral display. Later, the whole vine would be covered with blooms.
    Titania, thanks for your comment.
    Ruma, thanks for taking time to comment.