Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today's Flowers

Acampe praemorsa - the name of this wild orchid sounds like a curse from a Harry Potter book. The name has its root in the Greek'akampas', meaning rigid, which describes the flower. It is called "Maravante" in Kannada, which means 'Tree Woman' ! The flowers are small, and have tiger stripes, and are unbending, they have a delicate , heavenly perfume.
The rains have made the Blood Lily Haemanthus burst forth in scarlet feathery balls from all sorts of unlikely places.

The Malabar Jasmine is producing more flowers now.

The purple Passion Flower vine has climbed up the Sandalwood tree and flowering profusely at a great height.

The last of the pink hibiscus flowers before I prune the bush . The bushes will have a good vegetative growth during the Monsoons, and will be ready to display their splendid flowers in August.
My thanks to the hosts of 'Today's Flowers' for hosting the meme.


  1. Lotusleaf, you have very special flowers today. I'm sure Harry Porter could make use of this flower to make some magic potions for his spells. I can imagine how sweet and nice the fragrance from the passion flower will be.

    My post today on the Pagoda Flower is dedicated to you. Thank you very much for being my first commenter.

  2. Thanks, Autumn Belle. I enjoyed your posts on the Clerodendrums and learnt a lot.

  3. so beautiful... your garden must be an awesome place to gang out!

  4. Beautiful and unusual flowers. Lovely photos!

  5. The wild orchid is beautiful. And so are the other flowers. Does your Passion flower produce fruit?

  6. Very unique and I have not seen most of these. That tree woman flower is very cool and different. Wonderful photos

  7. How beautiful these tropical flowers are. So much bigger and more colourful than our temperate flowers.
    Love them"

  8. Wow! What beautiful and unusual flowers you have! I have never seen or heard of any of them before except for the hibiscus. Thanks for sharing.

  9. The passion flower is just pretty, haven't seen this flower and it's just gorgeous and unique. Happy Sunday!

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  10. I love all your blooms. The orchid is an interesting kind. I haven't seen such kind before. I love jasmine. They have a wonderful fragrance. Great photos.

  11. Ruth,it is somewhat overgrown at the moment! Eileen, thanks.your comments are always welcome.
    Shailaja, thank you. This variety of Passion Flower is sterile. It does not produce any fruit.
    PS,Welcome to my blog. I'm glad you liked the pictures.
    JJ, When I see the temperate flowers, I long to have them!
    Pat, Thanks for your comment.
    Manang Kim, the Passion Flower is quite common in these parts, and it comes in many colours.
    Gcod, thanks for your visit.
    Eden, thanks . Jasmine is a universal favourite.

  12. Hi Lotusleaf, we really have many plants in common because of our climate. I have that orchid from a vendor getting it from the wild. It has been with me for a long time but suffered much this dry season. Yes its scent is lovely. That Haemanthus i also posted maybe last month in XL size. It is so beautiful but doesnt last long. I like it because the flowers emerge before the leaves. However, that white lovely Jasmine i'm not familiar with. Lastly, i am sorry you were not able to open my archive for the cannonball tree post. If you are still interested you can just copy the link and open with your browser. thanks.

  13. That jasmine is pretty! I like the sharp petals. Making the flower shape like gerbera. Love it!

    Btw, that orchid last long? It looks like one that can last at least a month.

    Enjoy the blooms around you and have a great week!

  14. I never seen this kind of wild orchid before! It look so bold! I like your Malabar Jasmine! I guess your garden smell so good!

  15. Your garden is full of tropical wondersl The orchid in particular I find very intriguing.