Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today' Flowers- Some Curiosities

The dark, blood-specked looking thing is the flower of the Bird'sNest Anthurium. It is trying to hide the Football lily.
These are the blooms of the Rattlesnake orchid Pholidata imbricata, a native of India and Southeast Asia. The plant hangs by a thread from my guava tree like an Air plant. It doesn't need any soil or nourishment other than water . It is a valuable medicinal plant used in the Indian traditional medicine systems for treating snakebite and arthritis.

The volunteer red Ruellia has found the old bark a welcome shelter from the rains.

The Transvaal Daisy is much prized for its long life. It adorns most of the bouquets made by florists here.

How much trouble I took to make this Hydrangea bloom! I'm glad it has rewarded me with one small cluster of pink flowers, while I was hoping it would give blue flowers like last year!
This is my post for Today's Flowers #99. Thanks to the team - Santilli, Denise, Pupa and Sandy Carlson. You can see flowers from all over the world at after 2 p.m. GMT.


  1. Beautiful flowers of India again.

  2. Beautiful flowers, So nice to see flowers from India. My favorite is the daisy.

  3. Never seen the first two flowers at all. You do have a green thumb!

  4. You do have some interesting plants! The Rattlesnake Orchid, for instance - like a necklace of pearls!

  5. Costas, thanks.
    Eileen, this daisy is also called gerbera.
    Radha, those two are not popular flowers, but curiosities.
    Katarina, yes, it does look like that!

  6. Lovely blossoms! Your soil is alkaline if the hydrangea is blooming pink. :)

  7. The Bird's Nest Anthurium is very curious indeed. Did you know that you can change your hydrangea to blue? Here is a link to tell you how:
    Let me know how it works for you!

  8. Always something new and interesting from you. i learn something everytime I visit your blog.

  9. I think I see something new every time I visit, this time the only one I recognize is the Hydrangea. I love that Transvaal daisy!

  10. EGWow, thanks for your visit. I'll try to to getthe hydrangea to bloom blue flowers next season!
    Meredehuit, thanks for your visit and the link. I'll follow it up.
    Ian, I am honoured to get such words of praise from an expert! Thanks!

  11. Very gorgeous looking flowers. I have never seen first on before.

  12. Hi Padma I was away for a while and am now back to visiting blogs. These blooms, especially the first two are fascinating. They even look unlike flowers!!
    I've had a tough time too growing a hydrangea, keeping it under the shade of the jamun tree but it rewarded me well this year.

    Have a great week!