Saturday, September 4, 2010


This is a Bazaar street in Mysore. Business has not picked up yet, as it is still 8 a.m. Betel leaf baskets are still full. Soon the fruit sellers with their carts of bananas and oranges will appear.
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  1. Beautiful and interesting!
    I love photos from places where I never been.

  2. A lovely photo, with lots going on!

  3. I love markets and it's always fun to see how different they are from country to country! Yours is very colorful and delightful capture! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!


  4. Rohrerbot:Yes, I love to walk through that street. You get unexpected things and some real bargains there.
    Guy, thanks for your visit and comment. I too like to see new places.
    Hazelisles, welcome to my blog.
    Sylvia, Thanks for your nice comment.

  5. Hi Lotusleaf, I like to walk through that street too. Can imagine the interesting things and bargains there might be. Thank you for dropping my blog. Actually that dragonfly blog is very new. Do visit me at

  6. i love walking in the market when it's not too hot (and not raining, too).:p

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