Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day Sept 2010

Tge goldend Chalice vine Solandra grandiflora is bravely putting out its huge trumpets in spite of the heavy rain.
My frog pond gets filled by rainwater, which the water lilies seem to like.

American Elderberry Sambucus canadensis has delicate, lace like inflorescence, which , I think is very strong to withstand the heavy rain.

Water Hyacinth blooms have such a delicate colour. They too seem to enjoy the rain.

The old faithful Hoya Carnosa is bravely bringing out flowers, which get destroyed in a day by the downpour.
Many thanks to Carol at May Dreams Garden for hosting Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.


  1. Seems the rains have blessed our gardens Lotusleaf. Your water lilies are looking fantastic.

  2. WOW! That Goldn Chalise is AMAZING!!! I love it! Your water lilies are spectacular too. I'm interested in you Hoya...I have a similar bloom on my GBBD post, but the vine itself doesn't look like a wax vine...I thought it was a type of poison ivy. I've got to research some more. Happy GBBD!!!

  3. Hi Lotusleaf

    I think your blooms are fabulous and I think that they must be quite a size too. Those hoya's must have a wonderful perfume to them. I am so used to seeing water hyacinths here as plain green floaters we buy for the summer for the pond - they never ever flower here but their flowers look so beautiful in your garden.

    As for Pereskia - thats a different plant to mine. The common name of mine is Russian sage and its such an awkward plant to photo a bit like an over grown lavender with the same coloured flowers - I think I did a macro of some of its blooms last GBBD hence the reason I didn't feature it this month.

    Thanks for visiting me today :) Rosie

  4. Love what is blooming in your garden. I could move in a minute if I had choices like that.

  5. My water hyacinths did not bloom this year. Your blooms are lovely.

  6. Gorgeous flowers as usual in your tropical garden! Love that chalice vine and the water lilies. How amazing to see our American elderberry growing in your garden! Yes, it is impervious to heavy rains and swampy conditions. That's where it's most at home.

  7. Helen, I followed youradvice for waterlilies. It has done the trick!
    Kimberly, Hoya has thick , single leaves.
    Rosie, thanks for the information of Perovskia.
    Gardenwalk: Thanks for your visit and comment.
    Gardening in sandbox: Welcome and thanks for your visit. Water hyacinths are a bit moody!

  8. lotusleaf, nice water lilies you have there! Have a great Thursday. Enjoy your garden.

  9. Gorgeous flowers ... your Hoya is lovely. I will definitely have to get one! Love your waterlily and your pretty Water Hyacinth.

  10. So unusual to see one of our roadside weeds, Elderberry, in the midst of all those exotic (for me) blooms.