Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gardening a Game

I was invited by Malar of My Little Garden for a game in which I have to write ten things I love todo and invite ten friends to join in. So here goes:
1. I love wild flowers. The picture above is that of the wild Himalayan Briar Rose.
2. I love photography ever since I won a digital camera in a Quiz competition two years ago.

3. I love reading. I usually sit in my garden with a book.
4. I like to listen to music. It may be of any kind. It depends upon my mood.

5. I love to potter in the garden.
6. Of course, I love good food, who doesn't? I must confess that I hate cooking.

7. I love travelling. I especially like to go to the Himalayas.
This is the Dhauladhar Range in the Himalayas, where I had gone last May.
8. I love teaching. I enjoy being with children.

9. I like to see paintings.
10. Lastly, I love Alfonso Mango. The painting above is of the Alfonso Mango. It is by Suman Vaze, who teaches mathematics , and paints mathematical themes. You can view more of her wonderful paintings at
Now the next step. I invite all my blogger friends to join in this game. It is fun and it tells you many things about yourself. Do join in. The rules are simple.
1.Inform who invited you
2. Write ten things you like to do.
3. Invite ten bloggers to join in the game.
Thank you. Hope you will join in!


  1. It is nice to know more about you. I like many of the things you have mentioned too! The Himalayan Sleeping Beauty is gorgeous.

  2. Hats off to you. You seem so good at multi-tasking.

  3. Interesting revelations about yourself! I looked up Suman Vaze's paintings based on mathematics from the link you have provided and was mesmerized.

  4. Autumn Belle, I am glad that we have so many things in common. I think all gardeners have many things in common.
    Radha, most of them are passive- like listening to music, reading and looking at paintings.
    Shailaja, Suman recently had a solo exhibition in Hong Kong which was attracted great attention.