Tuesday, September 21, 2010

That's My Life - Flower Sellers

Flower sellers are usually women, but this flower shop has a boy who sells these garlands for offering at the temple. The garlands are made of jasmine, rose, yellow chrysanthemum , lotus , and with pink oleander blossoms.
Flower girls like this woman are a common sight on the roadside of south Indian cities. She makes strings of jasmine for the women to wear in their hair. She ties up the flowers dextrously with a string, without using a needle.

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  1. So beautiful! And so wonderful to have such lovely flowers easily available! Love your photos as always! Thanks for the look at your world! Have a great week!


  2. I have seen many bloggers post flower markets - how great is that to be photographed. How else do you use flower garlands?

  3. The swag is more elegant than the jewel.
    The shortness of the life enhances beauty still more.

    Thank you.

  4. I think the boys are helping their mother out,
    Great pics.

  5. Beautiful flowers

    Have a nice week,
    Greetings, Bram

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  6. So beautiful and colourful flower garland!

  7. the garlands are very pretty. we have flowers girls here, too, usually jasmine and everlasting.

  8. Sylvia, thanks fpr your wonderful words.
    Ewok: the garlands are used to decorate the new cars, new houses besides being offered at the temple.People are also garlanded to honour them or to welcome them.
    J Bar: The craft is learnt in the family.
    Sandy, thanks for your comment.
    Ruma, your words are so poetic. Thank you.
    Indrani, yes, that is probably the case.
    Bram, thanks, and have a nice day.
    Malar, the garlands are less in number now because the flowers are less. After a month there will be plenty of flowers.
    Luna Miranda, jasmine is the universal favourite.

  9. Beautiful and colorful flower garlands. They do magic with flowers.

  10. i like the vibrant colours.

    the old harry rock photo was taken in the afternoon.

  11. How lovely... I could almost smell them. Flower garlands are big in my part of the world too but they aren't as packed as those flowers you featured.

  12. Very nice pictures. And part of our lives for so many events!

  13. Such beautiful garlands...the flower sellers are one of my favorite things about India; I wish flowers were as much a part of everyday life here.

  14. LL: Beautiful header and a neat suject from your world. It is certainly a special job.

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