Tuesday, September 7, 2010

That's My World - Rangoli

Rangoli is an ancient traditional folk art of India . The pictures are made on the floor using marble powder or granite powder, or rice flour. The rangoli on top was made by the students on the occasion of Teachers' Day . They have used coloured rice to make the rangoli.On top is written,"Teacher, you are radiance from within". The flute below shows the seven notes of music.
This rangoli was made by the students of the Mathematics Club on July 22, celebrated as Pi Day.

This is a rangoli I have shown before, drawn by the teachers, on the day of farewell to the last batch.

This is a rangoli made using flower petals by the Kindergarten children , on the day of Onam festival in July.

The tiny tots enjoyed making these designs on the floor.
In South India, a rangoli from white granite powder is made fresh every morning at the entrance of the houses to bid welcome to visitors, gods and good thoughts. The next morning the old rangoli is swept away and a fresh one is made. The impermanence of the rangoli reflects the impermanence of the world around us, and tells us not to be attached to material things.
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  1. These are really interesting. Nice photos!

  2. Amazing and so beautiful! I do so love learning about things like this that without blogging and being in touch with people around the world, I might never have the opportunity to learn about! Have a wonderful week!


  3. This is truly amazing! Such beautiful, delicate work.

  4. amazing artwork! i didn't know rice powder can be made into something beautiful. i only know rice is for food and drinking (rice wine).:p

  5. Larry: Welcome, and thanks for your visit.
    Sylvia: Blogging has taught me many things too.
    J Bar: Thanks for your comment.
    VioletSky: Welcome to my blog.Yes this work needs patience.
    Luna Miranda: Thanks for your comment.

  6. And I thought 14th March is Pi day.
    Beautiful and creative Rangoli.

  7. Beautiful art. We are quite with these over here, since there are many Indians. It is nice to see children squatting and carefully assemble coloured rice to translate their beautiful thought into something truly creative! ~bangchik

  8. They look so nice. The young children are very talented.

  9. Thanks for sharing that - I love the idea of sweeping them away so that we dont get too attached to material possessions. They must take a lot of time and I admit my first thought was how you would preserve them, but then that is not the point is it? It is so nice to get the backgound of these traditions around the world.

  10. Indrani: Some people celebrate Pi day on 14 March.But in India Day comes first, and then the month, hence 22 July.
    Bangchik, Thanks for your appreciative comment.
    James: It builds concentration.
    Africanaussie, yes, the temporary nature of the material world is the message of the rengoli.

  11. It's so beautiful! I'm speachless!

  12. The rangoli is very beautiful and colourful. It is popular here during Deepavali time.