Friday, September 24, 2010

Flower Flaunt Friday

Now that the incessant rains have stopped, plenty of flowers are blooming in my garden.
The Suset Bells Chrysothemis pulchella is also called Black Flamingo , and Copperleaf. The double pink pelargoniums seem to have withstood the rainy season well

I planted these pink- mauve Cleomes with dahlias of the same colour, and Barbados Bachelor's Buttons of a similar colour. I had seen pictures of same colour gardens in England. But now I think a contrasting colour would have been better for our tropical surroundings.

This double hibiscus is from my school garden.

This Thunbergia mysorensis on a pergola from my school garden elicits 'Aah!'s from visitors, but I think mine are more beautiful.
Thanks to Tootsie Time for hosting the meme.


  1. You've got some lovely flowers to flaunt. I'm amazed your Pelargonium came through all the wet weather ... mine never seem to survive our 'wet' season if they're planted out in a garden bed. All mine are in pots now.
    The Thunbergia on the school garden pergola is lovely ... but I agree with you! Yours is far more stunning!

  2. Very nice all of it and I love Cleome!

  3. Beautiful! The Chrysothemis pulchella is yet another lovely plant I had never even heard about.

  4. Your double pink pelargoniums are beautiful but I can see why the 'aahs' for your Thunbergia mysorensis. Just lovely. I love Cleome. One visited my garden last summer and I hoped it would reseed but not! Guess I'll have to buy some.

  5. The thunbergia is stunning, another first for me. The pelargonium is also a beauty; all of your plants are so pretty, hard to pick a favorite!

  6. Your header photo is stunning. It was interesting to see you grown some things in your garden that we grow here too (cleome and dahlias). Nice to see the other things you grow too.
    Blessings, Beth

  7. Bernie, the pelargonium is planted in a slope so the water flows away. Maybe that's why it has survived.
    Darla, welcome to my blog and thanks.
    Gardening in Sandbox: Thank you.
    College Gardener: The Sunset bells belongs to the Gesneria family, like the Gloxinias.
    Raingardener: Welcome! I think the Cleome will surface suddenly some day.
    Karen, thanks for your comment.
    Beth, Dahlias seem to be universal favourites.

  8. oh my! what a beautiful flaunt you have this week!!! I think my favorites are the copper leaf and the thunbergia...anything on a trellis or pergola always wins in my books!
    thanks for linking into FF with me this week. I do hope you will join in again soon!