Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seven Sisters

The Common Babbler is also called Seven Sisters since they always go around in groups of seven. This baby Common Babbler was being taught to fly by his vociferous aunts when I came home.
All the birds flew to the mango tree and started babbling (screaming) from there, leaving behind the chick.The squirrels also joined in and it was quite a cacophony.

I rushed in to get my camera, and took these shots. By then, the chick had gathered enough courage to make a dash to the safety of the mango tree.


  1. I wonder what the squirrels were telling the baby babbler. "Beware of the lady who snitches our guavas, custard apples...."? :))

  2. Her face is excellent. . .

    Thank you.

  3. So cute little bird! It's really amazing to know that the birds always fly in the group of seven!

  4. The first comment really make me laugh. For all you know she could be right! They always fly in a group of 7? Very interesting.

  5. Shailaja, you forgot the pomogranate.
    Ruma, Costas: Thank you.
    Malar: Sometimes there are more than seven in the group.
    One: They usually fly in a group of seven, but sometimes there are more.

  6. This is an interesting bird. I have never seen one in my garden before. Great shots!

  7. It is years since I saw the 'seven sisters'. Nice picture.

  8. aloha,

    very nice details you have captured on the seven sisters, very sweet :)

    my flower post is on my plantfanatic blog