Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flowers for Today- Rainy day flowers

The volunteer red salvia is undaunted by the overcast days, and the nightly rain. It is a native of the Americas, which has made itself comfortable in the tropics of Asia.

Another hardy plant is Sanchezia. It has bright leaves with yellow markings , and the flowers somehow remind me of the tiger. But it is called the Zebra plant by some. This is also a native of Brazil.
Another flower from the Western hemisphere is this Barbados Bachelor's Button. I like the pretty violet colour, and its fruity scent when the leaves are bruised.

A native of India, this pink hibiscus flowers profusely throughout the year. It has long stems which can make it unsightly. There is also a white variety which is very popular for making a home made herbal shampoo.

The Chinese Hat , Holmskioldia is a native of the Himalayan regions of India. I saw these flowers on a hedge .
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  1. Your blooms are identical to the blooms on the island and many are in my garden. Ha ha the pretty Barbados bachelor button reseeds so easily that I can't even say that I really want to remove it from my beds. I tried it once and gave up.

  2. Delightful photos, gorgeous flowers and colors, as always! Such a lovely way to begin my day! Have a great week!


  3. What a beautiful shade of pink in the hibiscus! L

  4. It was interesting to see that several flowers you have there are native to the Americas. I particularly like the pink hibiscus.

  5. Helen, I think we have the same flowers because we are in the same latitudes.
    Sylvia, it is nice to begin the day with flowers.
    LC,Welcome! I like that pink hibiscus too.
    Pat, we have many flowers which have come from different parts of the world, and naturalized themselves here.

  6. My Sanchezia has been completely eaten by snails! grrrr i hate them.
    Looks like heavy rain in Delhi at the moment as well.

  7. Love that pink hibiscus! The yellow Chinaman's hat isn't common here. We only have the orange variety growing wild. Those salvias are pretty! And so's the Sanchezia.

  8. Lotusleaf, I like the term "volunteer" red salvia. I didn't know this term.
    I love the brilliant red, it pops up on my driveway garden"voluntarily" in between the other plants like fiery beacons.
    the Barbados bachelor buttons are pretty but quite invasive in my garden. the white hibiscus is called "white swan" here. In my garden the shrub sports sometimes a pink flower. A lovely and interesting assortment of flowering shrubs in your garden.