Monday, March 8, 2010

Flowers for Women

Today is the International Woman's Day, and here are some flowers that traditionally depict the qualities of a woman.
The Rose is for beauty and grace.
The Jasmine is for Eloquence, Memory and Inner Strength.

The Night Blooming Water Lily is for Mystery and Allure.

The Orchid is for Intelligence, and the Lily is for Patience and Constancy.

There are othe flowers like the Rosemary for Remembrance, but I don't have their pictures as they don't grow in my garden. Our local cinema has announced all shows free for women today. I am planning to go to the matinee show with a friend. Hope we get seats!
Have a Happy Women's Day!


  1. Wow, thanks for honoring the women today. Those flowers are really symbolic of women. Do you know that sampaguita or Jasminum sambac, in your photo, is our national flower?!

    Hope you had a wonderful time in the theater today being Women's Day!

  2. Happy Womens Day! As far as I am concerned it is everyday.

  3., grace, eloquence, memory, inner strength, mystery, allure, patience, constancy....I hope to see a flower dedicated to Woman Power someday!

  4. Andrea, thanks for the information.
    Radha, yes for me too!
    Shailaja, I searched for a flower which represents power, but in vain. The closest I could get was the Jasmine, called Mallika in Sanskrit. Malika in Persian means Queen or Empress.

  5. Hi there, what a very interesting post. Nice pics too. I'd never heard of this day... I hope you had a good one. Thanks for stopping by my blog today :-D

  6. Your choices are wonderful, Lotusleaf, and the flowers are perfect. I hope you enjoyed the film and had a happy day. Thanks for explaining about the spring festival. It sounds delightful, I am glad you participate sometimes, it seems so happy and beautiful. :-)

  7. Shirl, thank you for stopping by.
    Frances, thanks.