Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Watery Wednesday!

This is the Rangoli design made in my school during the farewell of the Year XII students. It depicts time, hope and success. Water is an integral part of hope and success for a garden.
Unfortunately, due to the continuing drought, we are starved of water here.

This calm jungle lilypond reflects the forest surrounding it. For me it is a symbol of hope.
Water saving and harvesting is done in many ways. I cover the flower beds with coconut fibre, dry banana leaves and jackfruit leaves to prevent rapid evaporation. It is very effective, but my gardener hates it. He says the garden looks shabby.


  1. I like the rangoli. And the picture of the lily-pool looks serene. I use a lot of jamun leaves. My guava leaves are prone to disease so I can't use them. I haven't used the coconut fibre. Maybe I should try them from now on.

  2. The rangoli is lovely, made by the hands of youth and it carries the hopes and dreams of a young generation. You have captured the reflections in the pond beautifully.

  3. The pond is amazing, as is the artwork of the children. Wonderful!

  4. Costas, thanks.
    Kanak. Jamun leaves are a good idea as they are supposed to be insect repellant too.
    Thank you , Autumn Belle.
    Kimberly, ponds in the jungle are usually full of lilies or lotus.