Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Yesterday I was the witness to a drama of wild things. The Heron which was standing motionless beside my lilypond in the hope of catching a frog, flew to the coconut tree when I came back home in the afternoon. Immediately, the Koel which has kept its eggs in the crow's nest on top of the neighbour's coconut tree, began to make a lot of noise, trying to distract the heron's attention.
The heron's attention was distracted by the Koel's behaviour.

But the Koel,s clamour gave the clue to the Crow Pheasant, which started to watch the neighbour's coconut tree, and managed to get a chick, before the angry crows came and chased it away.
I was happy to find that all my students had managed to get the geometry problem involving Heron's Formula right! (Heron's Formula is formula in geometry to find the area of a triangle when the sides are known)


  1. That does sound like quite the drama. Sad that one of the chicks were taken. Those are great Heron pictures! It looks like he is just walking along the fronds of the tree. Your Heron looks smaller than the Great Blue Heron that has eaten the fish from my pond :(
    I don't remember learning Heron's formula, but then geometry wasn't one of my best subjects.

  2. What a drama! But the heron got neither the frog nor the chick in the end. It needs to fine tune its formula! Or does the formula work only on paper?:))

  3. Beautiful photographs..
    happy Easter

  4. Drama in nature! Reminded me of the Shikra who managed to steal a warbler from our back garden. Lightning fast speed and a watchful eye.

  5. Great Story
    Thanks for sharing
    Love to watch Herons,
    cheers Ian

  6. Thanks for capturing this heron! The bird look cute on the coconut tree. Have a great day.

  7. Catherine, Probably you learnt it as Hero's Formula in your geomtry class.
    Shailaja, Obviously herons don't know their geometry well!
    Costa, thank you and Happy Easter to you too!
    IWC, Shikras are amazing birds of prey.
    Ian, thanks for your comment. Have a happy Easter!
    Stephanie, all birds seem to like to perch on the coconut tree!

  8. Almost like a story out of Aesop's Fables or our own Panchatantra

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