Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garden Creatures

The locust is a voracious eater, and no friend of the gardener.

But the frog is a welcome sight in the garden. He keeps the insects in check. Old timers say that as long as you see a frog in your garden, you don't have to worry about drought. It is only when the frogs disappear that you are in serious trouble.
This moth is pretending to be a dry leaf, to escape from the frog.
The frog has its own enemy- the snake. The rat snakes love the taste of frogs. I catch sight of it now and then.


  1. Your frog must be a relative of our Gray and Green Treefrogs. The Green Treefrogs love to get in the gutter drainpipes as sing -- a safe place and the pipe amplifies their voices. They are beautiful frogs.

  2. These are awesome photos of garden creatures. Admittedly, the locust scares me...maybe because of the horrific movie scenes of flying flocks of them ripping through corn fields and terrorizing villagers. Look closely at the mandibles...very scarey!!!

  3. Sweetbay, I would love to see the picture of a treefrog! They must be beautiful.
    Kimberly, I am also scared of locusts, probably for the same reason. Luckily, this was a loner!