Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today is Yugadi, the Indian Lunar New Year. We decorate the entrance of our homes with rangoli designs and green mango leaves. After an early morning oil massage and bath, we visit the temple and offer flowers and fruit.
The jasmine is one of the main flowers offered. It becomes very expensive on this day.

The Marigold is another traditional flower offered at the temple.

The Hibiscus bushes in my garden which are full of flowers, will be robbed of flowers by early morning temple goers.

The Neem leaves and flowers are an integral part of Yugadi. The doorways have garlands of Neem leaves. The bitter,tender leaves and flowers of the Neem are mixed with sweet jaggery and eaten today. This is to signify that we must face all sweet and bitter experiences that life offers next year, with equanimity.
Happy Yugadi ! And a Happy New Year!


  1. What a neat and informative post! I like the part about the neem tree.

  2. Thanks Lotus for this one.Very interesting as always
    Happy Yugadi

  3. Yugadi is, perhaps, a way of celebrating the versatility of Neem? A happy Yugadi to you, Lotusleaf.

  4. Very interesting post. Happy Yugadi to you. :)

  5. Thanks, Rainforest Gardener.
    Ian, I'm glad you find the information interesting. I forgot to mention that the whole family meets and has a sumptious dinner!
    Shailaja, yes, the Neem is used in doorways to repel the mosquitoes which increase at this time of the year!
    Sweetbay, thanks for your sweet comment.
    Ruma,I wish I could take such wonderful pictures like you!

  6. Happy Yugadi ! Happy New Year Lotusleaf!
    What a beautiful custom and lovely presentation with all these beautiful flower photos.

  7. Your flowers are gorgeous, but I think I like the culture information about India even more. The things you share with us are very interesting.

  8. Happy Yugadi to you Lotusleaf! I would like to see the rangoli designs look like.

  9. Maia, Melody and Helen, thanks for your good wishes.

  10. hi,

    happy Ugadi!
    your neem tree look so healthy!