Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Watery Wednesday

The lake in the little village of Banashankari, where the 6th century temple of the goddess of Gardens is situated. The stone wall along the lake is a thousand years old.
The lake in Badami. You can see the modern village, as well as the ancient temple on the lake.

This is the Shiva temple at Koodala Sangama, situated at the meeting place of three rivers.

The serene waters of the river Krishna.


  1. Beautiful pics and interesting info. Where is this place, Banashankari, located? It couldn't be the suburb of Bangalore with the same name because the stone wall looks all wrong! Can't imagine laterite as the natural stone around B'lore!

  2. Shailaja, it is the original Banashankari temple near Badami, 500km from Bangalore. The goddess was the tutelary deity of the Chalukya kings in the 7th and 8th centuries.

  3. Always interesting to see your photos and hear about your travels. very nice

  4. Place water somewhere within an area, the whole place becomes soothing and cool. ~bangchik

  5. What wonderful pictures, and gorgeous places to be! I like the contrast between modern and anchient, both dwelling together.

  6. Ian, thanks.
    Bangchik,yes. Water has such wonderful cooling properties.
    Kimberly, I too like the contrast.