Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alwar, the Green City of Rajasthan

Although the desert state of Rajasthan is chronically short of water, the city of Alwar is always green. Successive Maharajas of this city have made use of the Aravali hills surrounding the city to store and harvest rain water. The man made lakes at the base of the hills are a delight to see . They have raised the ground water levels in the surrounding areas so that the farmers grow abundant crops and vegetables.

An ancient aqueduct built to transport water from the Siliser lake to the city still stands in mute testimony to the far sightedness of the erstwhile rulers.
The Maharaja had built a huntinglodge -cum- pleasure resort on Siliser lake, which is now a hotel. People throng there during weekends.

Farmers in Rajasthan still rely on their trusty camel to transport fodder and grain. The heavy stuff is transported by trucks.
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  1. What a lush paradise - so good to have rain water as irrigation. I notice that you are also a teacher.

  2. What a wonderful and interesting look at your world! And what a beautiful place! Always love the history and learning more about areas that I'll never be able to visit! Terrific post and superb photos as always! Have a great week!


  3. This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Barb! Welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind comment.
    Sylvia, thanks.
    Costas, it was wonderful visiting Rajasthan.
    J Bar, thank you.
    Rohrerbot, Thanks for visiting.
    Bram , I visited your blog and tried to leave a comment, but couldn't find the place.

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  6. RE: In which country is it- is it in the Netherlands or in Denmark?

    This is in The Netherlands

    Regards, Bram

  7. So unlike the image that we have of Rajasthan. More brown than green. Alwar is lush. Interesting to read about harvesting rainwater and to see a photo of the ancient aqueduct.

  8. aloha ll

    its a beautiful area and lake, i would love to visit to :)

  9. What a lovely and ancient place! The man-made reservoirs are beautiful as well as practical. The ancient aqueducts are amazing.

  10. What a lovely place to visit. It is amazing what they did in days of yore with the technology of that time, and it is still with us today.

  11. The camel. The load. Nature. . .

    In India, all is magnificent.
    All fuses there.

    The place where a human soul feels nostalgia.

    From the Far East.

  12. Thanks, Bram, for the info.
    Kanak, Alwar is green during summer too.
    Noel, glad you liked it.
    Pat, the ancients were quite practical.
    Helen, I am amazed by the ancient buildings here built without cement.
    Ruma, your words are always sweet and philosophical.

  13. This is Really butty reach.....

    so This is a Rajasthan

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  15. Wonderful shots. I would love to visit this place.Nice place with superb pictures and very neat description. Thank you for sharing.

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  17. This post pictures are really good. This picture represent nature prefecetly.