Friday, August 13, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Last week I had to go to the city of Alwar in Rajasthan. Although Rajasthan is mainly desert, Alwar is green. As I was admiring the view here, a camel cart loaded with bags of grain passed by.
The camel cart is used to transport goods as well as rural folks in the desert.
The skies were blue there, a welcome change from the grey monsoon skies of the tropical south India.

Thanks to the Skywatch team for hosting the meme.


  1. Lovely skies, marvelous captures and I love the way the sky is framed by the trees. And, of course, I love the camel! I'm sure you enjoyed some blue skies after the grumpy, monsoon skies you've had. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Now that's really picturesque! Love the camel, too! Very lovely landscape. I'm glad you got some sunshine instead of incessant rainfall.

  3. That's a small camel he he... so cute but useful! Have a great weekend.

  4. Alwar is really green and beautiful like tropical place. Have a good weekend ahead!

  5. Beautiful Rajasthan!

  6. Fabulous pair of photos ... such great scenes!

  7. Hi,
    belle ed interessanti le tue foto.
    Grazie della visita.
    Buona giornata :-)

  8. Gosh, the view is awesome but also it is neat to see a camel. That would distract my view as I don't see camels around here! Really good pictures!

  9. Beautiful skies and scenic views. With the camel and the cart, it looks like it is straight from a child's story book!

  10. It's nice to see the sky as blue as that! I'm tired of seeing grey skies here:(

    The landscape is beautiful! I've visited quite a few places in Rajasthan but not Alwar.

    Happy weekend!

  11. Beautiful scenery, Lotusleaf, and I love the one of the camel pulling the cart!

  12. Sylvia, yes I was thankful to see blue skies although the heat was killing.
    Linnea, Welcome to my blog, and thanks a lot for your comment.
    Stepanie, the camel was so proud and dignified that it brought a smile to my heart.
    Malar, thank you.
    Shailaja, Yes, Rajasthan is indeed beautiful and different from any other place.
    Bernie, thank you.
    Rosa, welcome to my blog.
    Michele, Yes, the camel distracted me too!
    Autumn Belle, the camel is quite a common animal in Rajasthan.
    Kanak, Many people don't know about the beauty of Alwar. It has historic importance too.
    Pat, the camel was a lucky intruder!

  13. Beautiful scenery and lovely skies! I love the shot of the camel too, what a neat sighting.

  14. I hope they treat the camel well, and not just like a means of lugging heavy objects! It's too cute not to be :)