Monday, August 16, 2010

Flower Show

Every year the Lalbagh botanical gardens holds two flower shows- one during January and one during August. I like to visit the August flower show as there will be many begonias and tropicals to admire and to buy. This time, there were roses and orchids.
The Coxcomb comes in many jewel colours.

An arrangement of annuals.

This replica of the INdia Gate in Delhi was made using thousands of maroon and red rosebuds.You can see the flowers in front if you click on the picture.

Rudbeckias with their cheerful faces at the entrance of the public garden.


  1. How pretty! I really love flower shows; unfortunately they are not as common here in the US as they apparently once were.

  2. So many beauties ... a real feast for the eyes! We don't have flower shows in my part of Australia either ... I'd have to travel further south for such a treat.

  3. This is a beautiful flower shower.

  4. Awesome!
    Last time my parents house have many Coxcomb! Now i hardly see them..

  5. so beautiful, it is always fascinating to visit garden and flower shows. They also have 2 shows per year here, but sometimes i was not able to visit. Last week there is an Orchid Show here but i just sneaked in and not able to get better photos.

  6. Cool! Looks like a wonderful place to be especially on a weekend :-D Love those colourful roses. And the arrangment of annuals is awesom!

  7. Candy for the eye and nectar for the thirst. Wow Lotusleaf, what a great time you must have had. It would be very easy for me to break the bank had I been there.

  8. Wow! That gate is amazing! Looks like a fun show! Living in the boonies like I do, I really don't get a chance to do flower shows. You are so lucky! Love that rudbeckia photo!

  9. Wow, beautiful flowers. Never knew the coxcomb came in so many colours, especially yellow.

  10. Hi College Gardener! I look forward to flower shows.
    Bernie,there will be another flower show organized by differently abled people quite soon. I'm looking forward to it.
    Thanks Costas.
    Malar, yes cockscomb is rarely seen now.
    Andrea, the orchid show must have been wonderful!
    Steph, it was nice, but too full of people.
    Helen, I couldn't get some of the prize blooms because there were people surrounding them.
    Floridagirl, hope you do get a chance to visit a flower show.
    Shailaja, there was a peach cockscomb which was very beautiful too.

  11. That rosebud gateway is amazing. Rudbeckias are just coming into flower in my garden.

  12. Wow, how pretty and colorful. Great pictures.