Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wildlife Wednesday

Nandi bull, the mount of Shiva, is considered to be the protector of all wild life by the Hindus. The 1000 year old stone Nandi bull on Chamundi Hill was decorated with flowers for the festival on Sunday. The crowds had obviously frightened away the wildlife on the hill, so that all the wild life we saw were some millipedes.
The millipede has two pairs of legs per segment.

When it is touched, it curls itself into a spiral, to protect its belly.

This was another crawling creature, which I think is a millipede. It had blue markings on its back and a sack-like thing on its back.

There was another similar creature, which was red. I found this on a step on which turmeric and vermillion were smeared. My friend says that this creature has turned red for camouflage, but I think the turmeric powder through which it had crawled might have turned it red.
We did not see any leopards or wild cats which live in the jungles on the hill.


  1. I simply love the floral decoration they do in South of India. The reverence for Gods is very pure and pleasant to watch.
    I guess that is the turmeric powder giving color to the multi legged creature there, but the wonderful magician that nature is you cannot be too sure...

  2. The flowers on the bull are so pretty. Is the bull tall? It's amazing to see something that's been there for 1000 years!

  3. Hello Doc! Nice to hear from you after so long. Thanks for your comment.
    Catherine, the bull is 15 feet tall and 24 feet wide. I am sorry , but the age of the monolith is 500years, and not 1000years as I had written. It is another bull elsewhere which is 1000 years old.

  4. Beautiful scene, millipede and all. The first one looks just like the ones here in Florida! The second one looks like another species altogether. What an interesting composition.

  5. Nice shots of the millipede. You must have flowers year round where you are. ;)

  6. Rainforest gardener: Yes, I haven't seen that one anywhere else.
    EGWow: Since I live in a tropical area with rain for six months in a year, there are flowers throughout the year here.

  7. how ironic that to celebrate wildlife we drive it away!

  8. So huge Nandi bull statue! They decorated with marigold?

    My garden have a lot of short millipede! I don't know if they are pest or garden friendly! Anyway have a nice weekend ahead!

  9. Magiceye, welcome! Yes, it is indeed ironic.
    Malar, The statue was decorated with marigolds, asters and yellow chrysanthemums.

  10. Hello Lotusleaf - I've never seen millepedes like this before - ours are just plain black.