Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Reflections

The pond in my cousin's garden houses many colourful fishes. They keep the mosquitoes in check.
My little pond has tiny wild mosquito eating fish, as well as frogs. They eat all the mosquitoes and larvae they can get hold of.
The terracotta frog can't close his mouth, and so can't eat anything..ha ha.
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  1. What fish are those? Our own Koi? I like your lily pond. The frog seems to be laughing!

  2. Lovely reflections for the day! Beautiful fish and your frog does seem to be laughing! Have a great evening!


  3. The carp is really elegant.
    The state resembles a Japanese pond.

    From Japan.

  4. Shailaja, I don't know the name of the fish. Like Ruma says, they might be carp.
    Sylvia, thanks. Have a peaceful Sunday!
    Ruma, That is a great complement to my pond. Everybody, all over the world tries to achieve something like a Japanese pond. Thanks a lot!

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