Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Flowers of My World

The Sunset Bells, Chrysothemis pulchella is flowering in my garden now. It will go into hiding in a couple of months.

The Lobster Claw heliconia flowers last for two months.
The Cockscomb is aptly named. It is proud and cocky.

The Firespike Odontonema strictum has fiery flowers.

Spotted Heart Stictocardia tiliolia is so named because of its heart shaped leaves.
Thanks to the team of Show Your World.


  1. What gorgeous, breathtaking flowers and colors! Your photos are superb as always! And so many flowers that I've never seen make your posts even more interesting! Have a wonderful week!


  2. Your flowers are stunning, as usual. I had never heard of the sunset bells or the spotted heart but they are really beautiful.

  3. All your tropical plants have such vivid colors, unlike mine here in CO that are more muted. I have not seen Cockscomb since I was a little girl - my Mother used to grow it.

  4. I never get tired of those pendant heliconia blooms! The lobster claw was my first favorite. The firespike is just starting to come into bloom here and will keep blooming until frost in ate December or January.

  5. You have such a colorful world around you. Simply beautiful!

  6. I enjoyed all your bright colourful flowers, and have been meaning to ask what flowers you have in your header - they are lovely. In a way similar to my pigeon pea flowers with the red and yellow.

  7. I love the boldness of the colours … some of the flowers remind me of tropical birds. Thank you for sharing pictures of these lovely flowers.

  8. lovely! we have the same flowers here, except for the last one. i don't think i have ever this one around here.:p

  9. Thank you for sharing these beautiful flower photos

    Have a nice week,
    Greetings, Bram

    My Word Tuesday post

    Seen on My World Tuesday

  10. Sylvia, Thanks for your nice comment.
    College Gardener, the Spotted Heart is a native vine.
    Barb, yes, Cockscomb seems to have gone out of fashion now, but we can still see them here.
    Rainforest Gardener, I would like to see your Firespike when it is in full flower. It must be gorgeous.
    Africanaussie, the flowers in my header is a native vine Thunbergia mysorensis.
    Penelope, thanks for your visit and comment.
    Luna Miranda, The last one is a red morning glory, native to South India.
    Bram, thanks.

  11. The red and gold of the tropics. So vibrant, so exotic. Love the Heliconia and I am always amazed how easily they produce such bold and beautiful flowers.

  12. Beautiful photos of your garden. I enjoyed looking at them. I could almost smell the fragrance. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Just love all the red and gold ... fabulous plants! Particularly amazed by your Cockscomb - they look like a coral garden.

  14. Wow, awesome plants! Love the "brain coral" cockscomb! And the bloom on that Spotted Heart is spectacular. Can anything be more tropical than a lobster claw. Great choices!

  15. aloha,

    what beautiful vistas of your garden, i think all the flowers are exceptional, i really love the sunset bells, the dark foliage against yellow/orange petals.

    my tuesday post is located on my plant fanatic blog today, come and drop by :)

  16. I simply adore that Cockscomb - it just looks so amazing lotusleaf.

  17. Vibrant blooms! The Spotted Heart is exotic-looking! So's the Firespike.