Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flowers for Shravan

This is the Indian month of Shravan when the monsoon rains are most active. Most of the plants are concentrating on growing, but some plants show their flowers now. The Hoya Carnosa with its scented waxy flowers is putting out garlands of flowers in my garden.

This curious Sanseveria which a friend gave me, has tubular leaves. The white flowers are highly scented, but only during the night!
The Golden Challice vine is in two minds- whether to grow more huge, or to display more of its huge flowers.

Surprisingly, this pelargonium flowered during the gloomy days, bringing some bright colour into the garden.

This Euphorbia has not stopped blooming since January.
The Jasmine plants are just concentrating on growing bigger. All the jasmine blooms used in temples, now comes from Tamil Nadu, which has rains in December.
This is my entry for Flowers for Today.


  1. I'm usually a foliage kind of guy but I've always loved sanseveria flowers... I've never been around any at night though so don't know how they smell.

  2. Hoya Carnosa has delicately arranged flowers, with soothing colour. ~bangchik

  3. The first flower seems to be made with snow-white snow.
    It may have been attached rouge lipstick to the center. . .

    Thank you for always showing wonderful flowers. . .

    From Japan.

  4. Beautiful flowers and great photographs again.

  5. I have the same sanseveria and they bloomed profusely last year. I didn't know the blooms had any scent. Thanks for mentioning that.

    All the blooms are very pretty. But that Hoya....that's special!

  6. Beautiful series, I love the pictures of the hoya!

  7. Rainforest Gardener, I have the other common variety which has unscented yellow flowers. It blooms in spring.
    Bangchik, I like Hoya too.
    Ruma, your descriptions are always so poetic:)
    Costas, thanks for taking time to comment.
    Kank, I was also surprised by their scent.
    Vincebene, welcome to my blog and thak you!

  8. Your flowers are spectacular, and all your photos are a delightful part of my day. Thank you for sharing them.
    An English Girl Rambles

  9. Wonderful pictures of such beautiful flowers.

  10. They are all beautiful flowers and photos. The Jasmine are my favorite.

  11. What a lovely collection of exotic blooms - lucky lady!

  12. Wow, so many blooms in your garden. The hoya is so pretty and sweet.

  13. I think it's Sansevieria cylindrica. That vine has gorgeous blooms!

  14. Wow I love these blooms! And all at once... so wonderful!! I didn't know that Sanseveria flower has strong scent. Now I know. Enjoy! Btw, my chalice flower gave me a surprise the other day when its big flower bud just appear suddenly one morning. And the flower... huge but just one he he....

  15. Denise, tropical flowers are not at their best during the monsoons.
    EGWow, thanks for stopping by.
    Cher, welcome to my blog. Hope you will come again.
    Eileen, jasmines have stopped blooming now.
    JJ, thanks for your visit.
    Autumn Belle, the hoya will flower continuously now.
    Aaerelon, thanks for telling me the name of Sanseveria cyllindrica.
    Stephanie, you do magic with your potted plants!

  16. The Hoya Carnosa flower is really pretty! The flower of Sanseveria highly scented only at night? that's a bit scary... ;-)

  17. Hi, me and my mum really want to live in south India . This will come up as my mums user and she loves flowers . Anyway, we have got lots of plants and they don`t grow quickly and we want to live in south India because it would make them grow quicker - so my mum uses Miracle Grow to speed it up a bit and make them healthier. We live in the UK and its really cold right now, and it seems to be quite warm in south India at all times ,and the goodness in the ground would make them grow quicker, but that is all I got to say about this and thank you for caring about plants . :) Actually before I go, I have a question - do you plant sunflowers ? because me and my mum brought some sunflowers recently,and I thought if you have them too . Ok then that`s all I have to say . Bye!

  18. Hello, Mum here, I just noticed someone else just two above my Daughter`s comment ( bless her ), has a Hoya Carnosa. Just last week, my Daughter and I went to our local church, plant and cake sale and I just had to buy a Hoya Carnosa, as it is already quite large and being trained onto a trellis. It`s so unusual I had to have it! It`s not in flower yet, but hopefully it will sometime this summer. We keep it on our kitchen windowsill, as I was told it`s an indoor plant, but perhaps mabye when it`s warmer here and the sun is out, I could put it in the shade on our patio, to attract bee`s, that`s if it`s flowering then and bring it in at the end of the night. Is that a good idea? Oh, P.S my Son doesn`t really have the gardening bug, but I do think he too appreciates plants. In his room on the windowsill, he has a Cyclamen, which is in flower ( pink flowers ) and a Spiderplant and in my Daughter`s bedroom ( the budding gardener ) on the windowsill, she has a huge Kalencho - not sure of the spelling, it comes from the succulent family I believe and it`s flowering too, with lovely red flowers and she also has a Spiderplant!
    I could go on and on, but for now i`ll just leave these comments and read other`s and learn more about our plants as we go on. Thanks.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Only because I posted the same thing twice!!!! Keep on making the World beautiful.

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