Sunday, August 1, 2010

Today's Flowers

Red Muessanda is not very popular as it does not flower profusely like the pink one.
Two night blooming water lilies in my pond.

The White Ixora, Ixora nigricans is the only scented Ixora. This is from a public garden.

Gloxinias have started blooming in my gadren. They like the humid conditions of the monsoon season.

Some say this is a Barleria. I am not sure. Please tell me its name if you know it.
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  1. Exquisite blooms Lotusleaf. I love the blooms from the gloxinia's

  2. Beautiful flowers, Lotusleaf! I love the waterlilies and the gloxinias. Have a great week! :)

  3. Yup, I do agree with you. Red Muessanda is very rear flower. Honestly, I like it very unique.

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  4. Very beautiful photos! :)

  5. Gorgeous close-ups, Lotusleaf! The water lilies look like stars bursting forth with light in the night.

  6. Fantastic show of flowers and wonderful photographs of them. Thanks so much for sharing and have a great week.
    An English Girl Rambles

  7. the flower in the 3rd photo--we call it Santan here.:p fabulous shots, love the yellow flowers.

  8. very unique flowers. Beautiful.

    Have a nice start of the week.

  9. I've fallen for your gloxinia...what a lovely shade of pink! Fabulous blooms! Those water lilies are special.

  10. So pretty!! The yellow flower, I have in my yard here in Florida and we call that AlaAmanda...but I don't know if that is the same in India. I didn't plant the flower, the previous owner did and it blooms all year as long as it doesn't get to cold in the winter. We also have that White Ixora, so pretty!! Love your post!

  11. These are all very beautiful flowers! :)

  12. I always love your flowers and these are exquisite! The colors are breathtaking! Delightful captures as always! Have a great week!


  13. Beautiful flowers. Love all your photos.

  14. Rosie, I like gloxinias too, but haven't been able to find the other gorgeous colours.
    Eileen,the waterlilies close in the morning. I had to take the picture at sunrise!
    Ilovepink, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Denise, thanks.
    Luna Miranda, that is an unusual name for a flower.
    Kanak, I like Stephanie's gorgeous gloxinias .
    Georgia, We have a yellow flower called Alamanda which is much larger than these flowers. Thanks for your visit.
    Limar, welcome to my blog!
    Sylvia, thanks for your encouraging comments.
    Chubskulit, thanks.
    eden, thanks for your comment.

  15. White Ixora? This can be seen rarely in Malaysia!
    The water lilies look so pretty! How i wish to have them in my garden!!!

  16. You got a lovely garden with beautiful flowers.
    Really enjoyed your waterlilies - they look so mystical.

  17. Really love the red Mussaenda ... that's not a very common plant here. Just loved the waterlily too. That yellow flower does not look much like the plants I know as Barleria ... the flowers is quite a different form. I'm not at all sure what that lovely flower is!

  18. The sunny yellow flower could be Yellow Alder or Sundrops (Turnera ulmifolia). Check it out on the internet!

  19. Malar, yes. White ixora is not common here too.
    James, thank you for your nice comment.
    Bernie, I am sure it is not barleria.
    Shailaja, I think the yellow alder is another yellow flower, not this.

  20. Your gloxinia is beautiful! I have not seen this one selling here yet.

  21. Gloxinias is very fascinating...

    Thank you for showing it.

  22. the red musseanda is breathtaking!! thanks for sharing.