Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bloom Day July 2010

THe Blue Tiger butterflies are invading my garden now. They are on their yearly migration path to the rain forests of the Western Ghats. The yellow Asclepias is one of their favourites.
The pinl rose matches the pink markings on the Nailpolish Bromeliad Neoregalia Spectabilis.

Justicia Carnea is another pink flower blooming profusely now. It does not mind its semi shaded location.

The pale mauve flowers of the Pentas are another butterfly favourite.

The Pyramid Billbergia Billbergia pyramidalis is also flowering in nooks and crannies in my garden. I saw from other blogs that this Bill is flowering in Malaysia too.
To see more blooms blooming all over the world, please visit Carol at May Dreams Garden.


  1. Gorgeous blooms ... I also have that pale mauve Pentas and just love it! Your Bill is looking fantastic! Thanks for another lovely Bloom Day post.

  2. Wow Lotusleaf! Your garden is a riot of colours! Beautiful photos.

  3. love the billbergia blooms! I can't wait til mine blooms as well so I can get some good photos! Don't the justicia look similar to the billbergia... just a little?

  4. Exquisite flowers and breathtaking colors! What a delight your photos are! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a lovely day!


  5. Lotusleaf, your blooms are beautiful! I really like that red one that looks like fireworks, or a red fountain! Happy GBBD!

  6. Nice! That is a really interesting looking butterfly. So different from the ones around here. That's what is neat about blogging - you can see things from all over the world!

  7. What a great blue butterfly! I also love the mauve penta flower. I had not seen that shade before. Thank you for the view into your garden.

  8. Bernie,the Bills are just popping up in unexpected places!
    Thank you , Helen.
    Rainforest Gardener, the Justicia,s colour is similar to the Bill's colour.
    Sylvia, thanks for your comment.
    Kimberly, I like that colour of Justicia too.
    Dave, yes, it such fun to see the different flowers, birds and insects from all over the world.
    Tufa Girl, welcome to my garden. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  9. All beautiful blooms and great photography

  10. Lovely blooms lotusleaf most of those are houseplants in the UK. I especially like your tiger butterfly - he's got quite a distinctive shape aswell - very photogenic. Thankyou so much for the follow - I'll do likewise too :) Rosie

  11. aloha,

    i love your tropical blooms especially the bilbergia, pink and purple is quite hot as a combination, don't you think?

    thanks for sharing your blooms today.

  12. Oh wow! your bill is so beautiful... the flowerhead is big, compact and nice :-D Now I feel a little shy he he...