Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today's Flowers

The scent of the Damask rose fills the garden these days.
American Elderberry has lace like flowers, but no scent.

The pink hibiscus is beginning to flower.

Blue Thunbergia

Frangipani is another which perfumes the garden.
To all my American friends a happy 4th July!
This is my entry for Today's Flowers which open at 2 p.m. GMT.
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  1. The American Elderberry is so pretty.

  2. I wonder is that the same elderberry that contains natural yeast that we make elderberry champagne and cordial from over here in the UK?

    Lovely blooms especially that frangipani

  3. I like the Blue Thunbergia. You don't see that too often around here.

  4. No scent? :( I love the smell of elderberries, so it's a shame that the American one don't have any scent, but they are pretty.

  5. Great post for Today's Flowers. The blooms looks refreshingly marvelous today.

  6. Radha, those lace like flowers are visited by lots of flying insects.
    Myerprints, thanks for your visit.
    Rosie, I doubt if it is the same, because these flowers have no scent.
    Hanne Bro, thanks for your visit and comment.
    Autumn Belle, thanks for your encouraging words.