Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today's Flowers

All nurseries in the city are gearing up for the annual Indepenence Day flower show during the second week of August. These flowers are from a government nursry which was open today, although it was a Sunday. The Celosias are huge and bright.
Another bright Celosia.

The Blue Tiger butterflies liked the scent of the Heliotrope.

The delicate flowers of Achimenes come in different shades o purple and mauve.

I could not find the name of this bush which was filled with the pink flowers. It is not a Vinca, although the flowers resemble the Vinca flowers.
My thanks to the team of Santilli, Denise, Pupo and Sandy Carlson for hosting Today's Flowers where you can see flowers from all over the world.


  1. The Celosias remind me of poinsettias. I really like the delicate pink flowers in the last photo! Thanks for your comment. We live in the mountains of northern California, and the mule deer are vast in number, roam freely across everyone's property, and eat everything in sight. Rose bushes are like candy to them!

    The deer are strictly protected by the state of CA, so there's not anything you can do to keep them from eating your prized vegetation except to have a deer-proof fence or a dog or dogs who will chase them away!

  2. I love that bright celosia (red one). The colour is so vibrant and attractive! Looks like everyone is going to be so in the mood for the big day :-D Btw, that's a pink kopsia?

  3. Such gorgeous flowers and incredible captures! The colors are so rich! Breathtaking! Really adds a bright spot to my day! Hope you've had a lovely evening and may you have a wonderful week ahead!


  4. Hi! I just posted too and included my Shrub Vinca/kopsia fruticosa. Of course I don't have that many blooms now. What vibrant colours of the celosias!! Love your photos! And the shot of the butterfly...superb!

  5. I have never seen celosias like this before Lotusleaf - they look amazing with their coloured leaves - they really look like a poinsettia. Wonderful pictures.

    Lotus leaf I came over from the link at Today's Flowers and I had problems with the link to your post - I'm not sure if it was just a glitch with my computer at that moment but I thought I should let you know.

    My submission is on my centre of interest photoblog today.

    :) Rosie

  6. The Celosia also reminded me of Poinsettia, they really are very pretty. I just love the smell of Heliotrope, it's an annual here but I buy it every year. My littlest one thinks it smells like cake.

  7. Nice and all-new flowers! Is celosia a kind of ornamental amaranthus?

  8. The red celosia looks so vibrant! It will definately add colour to garden! The pink flowers are really sweet!

  9. Lotusleaf I love your photos especially the first two. They do resemble the aramanthus plants I had seen at Disney last year. i had some seeds sent to me to and they were amaranthus...joseph's coat the first one and the second was molten fire. Here is the link

  10. Pat, I hope deer will not trouble you any more. In some villafes around here, it is the elephants who come to rampage !
    Steph and Kanak, thanks for the name - Kopsia. So after all it is a vinca!
    Thank you, Sylvia.
    Catherine, heliotropes do smell delicious! The Littlest one is right!
    Shailaja and Helen, thanks for giving me the correct name of the plant. The women who were weeding and watering in the nursery said it was Celosia and I believed them. I found out that Celosia looks very much like Amaranthus.
    Malar, thanks for your visit.

  11. aloha,

    love those celosias, they are quite vivid, hope you can post these or others for our hot meme this month :)

    i enjoyed the tour today

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