Friday, July 30, 2010

Skywatch Friday- End of July

Mid-monsoon skies from the suburb.....

and from the city.
Who knows how soon the face of the suburb will change? And who knows how soon the Monsoon pattern will change.....

Thanks to the team of Skywatch for hosting the meme.


  1. Ah, they do look like monsoon skies, that's for sure! We don't have monsoons here in Washington, but we do have skies that look just that gray! Hope you see some blue soon! Have a great weekend!


  2. That definitely looks like a monsoon. We have a monsoon here in Colorado, but it typically means morning sunshine and afternoon thunderstorms as the mountains shield us from most of the clouds.

  3. With all the weather-changing patterns taking place around the world....your questions do make us wonder...

  4. Hi lotusleaf, we get those moody monsoon skies. I love them, they are so variable and full of rain! Your, monsoon sky looks soft and warm and I can smell the rain.

  5. Thank you for your visit in the village of my site! really wonderful pictures you have here! nice weekend ; )

  6. Great capture of your monsoon skies. We do not have monsoons here but we do get the same gray skies. Happy skywatching.

  7. I love the second picture where it looks as though the spire is touching the dark skies.

  8. Sylvia, thanks for your comment.
    Al, it is surprising that you have a monsoon in Colorado! I thought it was a tropical phenomenon.
    Chubskulit, welcome !
    Kanak, the weather pattern is definitely changing.
    Titania, I know what you mean. I love rain too.
    Kahvikissa, thanks for your visit.
    Eileen, happy skywatching to you too!
    Autumn Belle, that is the spire of a new skyscraper which has come up in the city.

  9. Monsoons bring interesting clouds and needed rain, some times too much rain and in recent years, too often, no rain at all.