Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today's Flowers #102

The lavender coloured hibiscus has started blooming again, after giving me a scare by dropping all its leaves last month. I love this flower although it is no longer fashionable in these parts.
Monsoon season will make the self-seeded Indian Balsams put forth their flowers in all sorts of unexpected places.

The Milk-and-Honey lily, another native, perfumes the garden with its mild scent.

A pink Ixora.

The tiny blue flowers of the Jacquemontia never fail to gladden my heart!
These are some of the flowers blooming in my garden now. Which flowers are blooming in yours?
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  1. That is a rare colour for a hibiscus... sweet and nice. ~bangchik

  2. Beautiful flowers, I have two favorites the hibiscus and the lily. Gorgeous photos!

  3. Hi lotusleaf, those tiny blue flowers of the Jacquemontia are little wonders! I love them too.

    Blooming in my garden? The usuals like hibiscus, ixora, gloxinia and lantana are always faithfully in bloom. My current favourite would be the choc sunflower, the last flower opened today and it's the biggest one :-D

    My purple Hibiscus syriacus has stopped blooming for awhile. The plant grows so slowly. I wonder why. Oh, I love your Indian balsam as well.

  4. Bangchik, It used to be quite common some years ago. But now it has become rare as fashions have changed.
    Eileen, I love them too.
    Stephanie, Your chocolate sunflower is amazing. And I love your purple gloxinia too. My pink gloxinia blooms are going to open in a couple of days.

  5. What a lovely selection of flowers. I like the "Milk-and-Honey lily" the best.

  6. All the flowers are so beautiful!

  7. All of your flowers are beautiful but the little blue ones are my fav. I love blue flowers!

  8. I would love to walk through your garden. It is beautiful

  9. The Milk-and-Honey lily is blooming in my garden, too. But it has no fragrance, not even a whiff :( Your strawberry-red balsam looks good against the grey-green leaves.

  10. Beautiful and colorful bunch of flowers.

  11. Lovely flowers and pictures!!
    The first ist called Rose of Sharon.
    What is blooming in our garden?
    Come and visit my garden in Canada.

  12. A lovely variety of pretty colors and your photos are super. Thanks for sharing them with Today's Flowers and thank you also very much for stopping by my blog.
    An English Girl Rambles

  13. Hi again, lotusleaf :-D

    In or out of fashion I do love that hibiscus! My eye was also drawn to your Ixora… lovely flower shape and deep colour :-D

    I’ve some Californian poppies come into flower today. I’m thrilled with them having sown them with grass seed on a mound. Thanks, for sharing what’s flowering with you today. It’s almost 10pm here at the moment and I’ve a night cam out to see if hedgehogs will pass across my lawn tonight… naturally I’ve given them some incentive to hang around in front of the camera… some sultanas ;-)

    Wishing you a good week :-D

  14. Beautiful shots from tropical India! Love that Rose of Sharon. We don't see that hibiscus too often in Florida. And your milk-and-wine lily is beautiful. I love crinums! Didn't know that one was native to your land. I'm not familiar at all with the Indian Balsam and Jacquemontia, but they would certainly gladden my heart as well. Love that bright blue!

  15. Leora , Jama and Lazyclick : Welcome and thanks for your comments.
    Carol: Blue is my fav flower colour too.
    JJ: Thank you for your kind words.
    Shailaja:I think the lilies have fragrance when the weather is just right.
    Rajesh: THank you.
    Guild Rez:Thanks for telling me the name. I thought Rose of Sharon was the couble hibiscus which turns white to pink.
    Denise: I look forward to taking part in Today's Flowers every Sunday.
    Shirl: That's a good idea to get the hedgehogs pose for the camera!
    Floridagirl: I have some other different crinums too.I am interested to see which crinums you have.

  16. I love all the pretty colors of your flowers. The Milk and Honey lily is beautiful, wish I could smell it. The first flower looks like my Rose of Sharon which will hopefully be blooming soon.

  17. A wonderful range of flowers, scents and colours.

  18. The Hibiscus is really beautiful! I have the common orange and pink varities only!

  19. I love the blue clustervine. They are so beautiful.

  20. Heart-warming colours in your garden! My clustervine hasn't bloomed (yet) this year. The pink ixora and the hibiscus are show-stoppers!

  21. aloha,

    love all the flowers you are showing us today, the blue flower is amazing, i love it