Monday, July 5, 2010

Butterfly Weekend

Butterflies of all colours and sizes are visiting my garden these days. It seems to be their mating season.The big Blue Mormon Papilio polymnestor is a rare visitor. It is about 7 inches across.
The Blue Mormon is the second largest butterfly of India. It is also found in Sri Lanka.

The Common Eggfly, Hipolimnas bolina has made the sunniest area in my garden its territory. This is the male Eggfly, and it is absolutely fearless. It sometimes comes and sits on me when I am gardeneing. But if any other butterfly comes to its territory, the Eggfly chases it away!
The female Eggfly looks completely different. It mimics the Common Crow butterfly because birds hate the taste of the Common Crow.

This is the favourite perch of my Eggfly, where it waits for a passing female eggfly. If another male eggfly comes into his territory, our fellow fights with him and chases him away. Because of these frequent combats, his wings are damaged. But no matter, he flies and dances very gracefully with a broken wing


  1. so many type of butterflies seems to be visiting your garden!
    Big Blue Mormon Papilio polymnestor is 7inch accross? that's huge!!!!!

  2. I hope the butterfly didn't make you tired he he... Btw, uour impatiens is really pretty :-D

  3. Malar, that butterfly is really very big.
    Stephanie, I didn't realise why my arm was aching in the night. he he!

  4. The view is very peaceful.
    And it is dreamy...