Monday, July 12, 2010

Marigold, the Versatile Flower

I have planted marigolds at the edge of my vegetable patch. Many of the destructive insects are attracted by the bright flowers and leave my vegetables alone. Marigold is used for making beauty preparations too.
The French Marigolds are great favourites of butterflies. This Common Jay which usually flies high among the trees, was very hungry after the night- long rain.

Marigold blossoms are woven into garlands, which are used to decorate the doorway of a bride's home on the eve of her wedding.

This decorated entrance has used coconut leaves, banana plants and marigold flowers . It signifies happiness and welcome.


  1. Lovely photos. I just love the garlands of marigold blossoms ... what a wonderful idea! They look fantastic like that.

    Whilst I'm not a big fan of marigolds in my garden, last year I found a Vanilla Marigold which was just lovely ... the wallabies thought so too and ate it all!

  2. The marigolds are pretty and I love the garlands.

  3. Gorgeous flowers, magnificent colors and superb captures as always. I, too, love the garlands! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  4. I read somewhere that Marigold are pest repellent!! I use to buy Marigold from nearby nursery as companion plants but no babies are produced.....sigh!

    Your Marigold look so cheerful!

  5. Beautiful photos of the marigold. Those garlands look fantastic.
    I admired your header photo, it is breathtaking.

  6. lovely marigolds :) Especially the French marigolds- I love how the colours blend perfectly.
    Have a great week :)

  7. I always plant marigolds in my garden and this year had several volunteers. Love your photos!

  8. Bernie, I like the way the wallabys have a free run of your garden!
    Eileen, marigold garlands are used for all occasions here.
    Thank you Sylvia.
    Malar,They must be the new Bio-tech treated marigolds.
    Maia, the header photo is of a flowering vine called Thunbergia mysorensis.
    Fini, welcome and thanks for your comment.
    Thank you, Lesa.

  9. I love marigolds. Great captures.

    Happy Monday

  10. I just acquired an offset of "Spanish Tarragon" which is actually a type of marigold that makes a great tarragon substitute in my climate. Its hard to believe that its a marigold... until it blooms!

  11. they are beautiful - but they make me sneeze! lol

  12. Nice decoration! The colours are great - makes the event merrier. Btw, good shots of the marigolds.

  13. I love to grow the Himalayan Marigold. It grows to about a metre high and the flowers are the same as the ones in your butterfly photo.

  14. Rainforest Gardener, I will be on the look out for the Spanish Tarragon:)
    Drowsey Monkey, they make me sneeze too!
    Stephanie, yes the flowers make it merrier.
    Ian, I have not seen the Himalayan Marigold.It seems an interesting plant to plant at the back of a border.

  15. Marigold, Tagetes look so sunny and cheerful. Next time I go to my nursery I will buy a punnet and plant them in my herb garden. Your traditions are beautiful and I love the garlands.