Thursday, July 22, 2010

Local Fruit

Now that the local mangoes are over, and apples are yet to come from the Himalayan states, we have to fall back on our local fruit. The guava shown above is an all time favourite with children.
The Custard apple is another fruit which is available in the garden now. Although it is full of seeds, its flavour makes it a popular fruit.

The Jackfruit does not have any flowers. The fruit is huge, some times weighing 5kg apiece. It has a sticky gum which sticks to your hand when cut. I oil my hands and the knife before I cut it.

Two medium sized jackfruit from my neighbour's garden. The fruit inside is golden yellow and very sweet. For those who like the strong smell of Jackfruit, it is a heavenly fruit. It is one of my favourites too.The unripe fruit is also cooked and eaten.
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  1. Such fun to read about the plants, flowers and fruits in your part of the world. The fruits in you post today were completely unknown to me! Fascinating! They look delicious! Have a lovely day!


  2. The Custard Apple looks huge. I think it's called 'Buah nona' here in Malaysia. Unfortunately, I have never tasted one. Jackfruit & guavas are simply delicious! You're lucky to have them all around you for free! Fruits are getting more expensive everywhere.

  3. Oh wow so cool! All these are yummy fruits. Maybe be not my favourites but I love their taste ;-D

  4. Jackfruit is among my favorite! My mum use to fry it with flour!
    You're so lucky to be surrounded by so many fruits & flowering plants!

  5. It must be wonderful to have acess to these exotic fruits fresh from the tree - the few that reach us in the UK, like mangoes, are never the same after they've been air-freighted and refrigerated...

  6. Delicious...all of them! Your photos are wonderful! We had jackfruit today--from my sister's garden--very sweet with the most heavenly smell. I'm keeping the seeds to be added to sabzi later.

  7. I love the fruits featured here. The guava, the custard apple ( but I am really surprised they appear so early in your garden) and the heavenly jackfruit. In my hometown, every bit of jackfruit except the outer skin is used for food in all stages - from raw to ripe and over ripe.

  8. Hmmmnnn delicious fruit. My guava is now in bloom, I do not have a jack fruit but will try and locate a plant. Those guavas look tempting with a bit a salt and pepper.

  9. Sylvia, how strange that what is common fruit in this region is strange in yours!
    Ismail, welcome to my blog.Interesting to know the local name for custard apple. We call it Sitaphal.
    Steph, I too love all fruits.
    Malar, I am really lucky to be surrounded by so many flowers and trees, that too in a city!
    Phil, I can never eat an apple or an apricot fresh from the tree unless I go to the Himalayas!
    Kanak, enjoy the jackfruit!
    Hazelisles, thank you and welcome to my blog.
    Radha, you must mean Kerala.
    Helen, I wish I couldsend you the volunteer Jackfruit seedlings which are cropping up everywhere in my garden!

  10. I love these fruits especially the jackfruit. These pictures remind me of the fruits I miss a lot since they are not available where I now live.

  11. Hello from Finland:)
    You have in your garden fruits that I haven't ever seen like jackfruit and custard apple.Amazing