Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wildlife Wednesday

Vegetables seem to attract more wildlife than flowers. This catterpillar is making its way to the radish leaves in my vegetable patch.
This perfectly camouflaged hopping creature finds my chillies interesting.

The red ants love the mango tree, and the leaves of the Chalice vine . They use their saliva to stick the leaves together and build their homes. The clothes line goes from the mango tree to the Chalice vine. I see the busy red ants marching on the line at all times of the day, carrying things from one nest to the other. The presence of the ants in the mango tree is beneficial to me too, because the monkeys hate to be bitten by the ants. The squirrels seem impervious to ant bite.

I like the colour of this insect which often visits my mint patch.

The grasshopper loves to bask in the sun.
Since I don't use pesticides, these creatures seem to like my garden.


  1. Great post ... I hope you don't mind but I'll be mentioning your Wildlife Wednesday post on mine!

    Just like mine ... your garden seems to be full of insects of all shapes, sizes and varieties. Your red ants sound like our green ants ... they also stick leaves together to make homes. That caterpillar looks like it might turn into a bright beautiful spotted butterfly ... and the blue on the wings of that insect in your mint patch is so pretty.

  2. I love the captures of your garden/plants and the little critters! Colorful little buggers aren't they? Beautiful and interesting post as always! Have a great day! Enjoy!


  3. Your garden have many insect same as mine. It's true that the vegetables patch always become the centre of attraction to them! ;-))

  4. Just over from Bernie's place to see your WW post. Great wildlife photos too. I've seen those red ants in action and they certainly can carry quite a bit of plant material with them - fascinating creatures.