Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Reflections

This is a small lake which belongs to the village neighbouring my suburb. The level of water shows how little rain we have had this season. Many water birds come to this place in season.

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  1. What delightful reflections! I do so love the watery ones -- as I'm sure you know by now. Have a wonderful day and a beautiful weekend!


  2. So peaceful, so beautiful... Those reflections are so nice, warm and quiet ; it must be a pleasure to a a walk by their side...

  3. Still a beautiful place to be. Hope the rain will come back soon.

  4. Lovely, idyllic spot. I hope you get more rains soon.

  5. A lovely spot for the watery reflections! Have a great weekend.

  6. Lotusleaft its Rosie here at only I'm on James meme through my photoblog rather than leavesnbloom. I think your reflection is lovely and what a nice place to have nearby.

  7. I'd like to sit by the lake here and contemplate while I look at the reflections on the lake. Perhaps throw a pebble to see the ripples on the reflections. Any fishes here?

  8. Sylvia, I too like watery reflections.
    Tsuki, it is a peaceful place to sit and contemplate.
    Stephanie and Hilda, thank you for your wishes for rain.
    Eileen, water is always nice to sit by.
    Rosie, Yes, it is nice to have such a place within walking distance. And thanks for your comment.
    Autumn Belle, there are some fish in the lake, because I see boys fishing there on weekends.

  9. What a wonderfully peaceful place. I like how you framed the picture with the trees in the foreground, which highlight the trees reflected in the water.

  10. All is lovely, and heartwarming decoration.
    Your work enlightens me very much...

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    From the Far East.
    Best regards.